My philosophy is that photography is an experience, and it should be a fun one!
My style is bold and artistic with a touch a drama! 
Cameras capture memories, I make art out of them!   

Let's make art together and have fun doing it!!


Hey!  It's me, JT!  
My life revolves around petting dogs, laughing with my kiddos, hanging with my husband and weddings.  
My husband is in an OKC based wedding band, The Groove Merchants.  Between the two of us we have experienced close to 1000 weddings.  We've seen it all.  :) 

If you're looking for a photographer with experience, a creative eye, and someone who can make art out of your wedding day, not just take pictures, then you're in luck!  If you're also looking for a photographer who will dance the wobble, sing every word to every song, and photograph the parent dances with tears streaming down her face (happens every single time)! Then you're still in luck!  

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