Locations in Oklahoma City (OKC) for portrait and photography sessions

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There are so many great places in Oklahoma for photo sessions.  I thought I would make a list of the some the places that I like to use.  These are not the only places I use, and I plan to add more as I get them.  In my opinion, these are some of the best places in OKC to take pictures. 


Lake Overholser

I love this spot for engagement sessions because of the very different looking areas and because it’s perfect for sunsets.  There are so many spots where you can capture dynamic skies and it looks secluded even though it’s near the city.
This location is great for family and senior sessions as well and if you wanted to bring your dog, this is a dog friendly area.  


Lake Hefner

We will stick to Lakes for a moment.  Lake Hefner isn’t just the overcrowded tiny lighthouse replica.  It has beachy sandy areas, and overgrown fields perfect for sunsets and daytime images alike.

This area is amazing for engagement shoots if you want beach-like or “gone fishing” type of vibe.  It’s great for Senior and Engagement sessions. This area is dog friendly, however it’s on the water.  If fido likes jumping in the water, you wouldn’t want to shoot here.

This area does flood often and since it is beach-like looking, it really only looks beach-like in the spring and summer.  I don’t suggest this area during winter months.  



Boathouse district

Let’s keep the water theme going.  This area is perfect for grabbing the cityscape skyline and getting some great water shots out here.  Don’t forget that iconic Devon Boathouse image!
I love this spot for romantic engagement sessions, and dramatic senior sessions. Not a dog friendly area and I wouldn’t suggest small kiddos.  

It’s very close to the bricktown canal too, if you wanted to get some shots like that.  

Downtown OKC

There are so many little spots in downtown OKC that it would take me forever to list them individually.  I may still do that in the future, but for now I’ll show a little example.

Some great specific spots are:

- Automobile Alley
- Devon Tower
- Myriad Gardens (they get their own listing too) 
- Bricktown
- Bricktown Canal
- Scissor Tail Park (just opened, let’s make art there!)
- The area near the womb

That’s just to name a few, so many beautiful cityscape and urban looking areas to choose from! 

Tree farms! 

I have a couple I work with, some require fees, some do not.  

These are from Wells Tree Farm
If you think you might want a tree farm setting, let me know. 
I work with a few and not just Christmas tree farms.  

Different farms have different rules about dogs too, so if that’s something you’re considering, let me know and we can get something setup with the right area for you!  

Overholser Mansion

This is a museum downtown of the Mansion owned by the Overholser family.  It’s a beautiful mansion that feels like a time capsule. This place is gorgeous for Bridal images and even the right style of senior portrait session. 
If you think this would be the spot for you, there is a fee.  You will have unique and beautiful images from this location. 


Myriad Gardens

One of my absolute favorite places to shoot downtown.  If you can’t decide if you want flower, water, or uban/cityscapes, then don’t choose.  Go to Myriad Gardens and get it all.

This place is not small, but not too big and it allows you get a variety of looks in a small area.  No two sessions ever look alike from this area either. This spot is ideal for morning, daytime, sunset and night portraits.  Also, dog friendly complete with an actual dog park.

This location is ideal for literally every type of session.  Kiddos, couples, bridal, bridal party, and families. They even have weddings here, which I am one of the listed vendors too! 

Plaza District
Another downtown OKC area gem, the Plaza District.  This location is colorful and is regularly updated with street art, so you are guaranteed a unique session each time you go.  

This is area is great for all types of sessions and is also dog friendly.  So bring the fur babies! 


Will Rogers Park

Venturing out from the downtown area, Will Rogers park is a beautiful park that has colorful flowers, bridges, a duck pond and gorgeous skylines. 

This is a beautiful spot for families, children, couples, and they also hold weddings here.
All that AND it’s dog friendly!

It does have limited hours in the winter and the fall, so if this is an area you’d like, we need to plan accordingly for that. 

Downtown Yukon

This is another good spot if you like the vintage vibe.  With it’s old buildings and the old train depot it has a sweet and charming vibe.  If you like trains, or have always wanted those photos on train tracks, this is a good location for it. 
There is a train that is used as a depot museum, the old depot building is still standing AND there are inactive train tracks. 
It’s illegal to be on, let alone photograph on active train tracks.  No matter how cute the photos may be, established pro photographers will tell you no.  But, we can happily shoot on the tracks that are no longer in use. Plus THERE’S A TRAIN!

Chickasaw Recreational area

Again, venturing away from the OKC area, some of the most beautiful spots in Oklahoma is located in Davis and Sulphur. 
These are taken on a trail at Chickasaw Recreational area.  There are so many areas out there that are beyond gorgeous.

Another good spot out there is Turner Falls.  If either of these are spots you’d like to shoot at, let me know and we can make that happen.  
These areas are not dog friendly. 

Your land or home

Never underestimate the beauty of your own home.  These were taken in a backyard.
If you have land, or love your new home, or have a family member that has good land, let’s shoot there.  Not only am I sure I can make it pretty, but it will mean that much more to you for years to come.

If you are scheduling a session of any kind with me.  Consider if there is any land, or private location you have access to.  This will make your session unique to you and even more special.  

Someplace special to you.  
So maybe you don’t have access to private land or a place only you know about.  But what if you have a place that you and your special someone goes to on a regular basis?  Where was your first date? The first place you met? Where did you finally say “I love you”?
If you have a place that is special to you, tell me about it.  We may be able to capture some awesome memories there.


I’ve shot in so many places over the years, these are the ones I’ve shot at recently. 
Some other ones that I’d love to shoot at again or for the very first time are:


Stitchcomb reserve - Bethany

Martin Nature park - OKC

Sutton Park - Norman

Lake Thunderbird - Norman

Hafer Park - Edmond

Wichita Mountain area - Lawton

Medicine Park

Wheeler Park
Downtown Guthrie

OU Campus
OSU Campus
OKCU Campus
UCO Campus

Downtown El Reno

There are also a variety of Wedding and Event venues in OKC are that would allow you to shoot.  Most require a fee and would need to be on a weekday. If you have one in mind, let me know and we can check with them.  

If you like these images send me a message on the “contact JT” link above and let’s make some art together. 




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I am interested in photographing at a tree farm. Which ones would be the best?
Tina Wolery(non-registered)
I’m needing to get some Christmas pictures on a weekend. Can you give me some good location ideas please? Price and what’s included? Does it matter how many will be in the party? Thank you
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